November 7, 2009


Welcome to Kids Aren't Rocket Science.  The theory of this site is simple: many adult interactions with children are needlessly complicated or unpleasant.  But I don't think it has to be that way; I'd like to help eliminate some of the problems that I see.

As a child, I loved reading.  In addition to many fine children's books, however, I loved to read parenting magazines.  From age eight onward, I sought out books, magazines and articles on parenting, children, development, educational theories and psychology.  At twelve I began tutoring a younger friend in reading over the summer, and thus began a long series of teaching and tutoring jobs that has extended until now; I am currently a Substitute Teacher in a large corporation of public schools.

I don't have a degree in Education or Psychology, but I don't think you need a degree to be good at interacting with children.  Different methods of teaching are certainly interesting to study and fascinating to observe in a classroom; but my interest in this site is in day-to-day interactions, not necessarily education.  The basic ways parents, teachers, coaches and other adults handle their relationships with children either promote mutual respect and dignity or destruct self-esteem.  And I, for one, see too many adults each day who choose to remain in a destructive rut.

On this site, I'll discuss any examples of negative interactions that I see.  Feel free to e-mail me about any child-related questions or problems at

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