December 24, 2009

Cherish the Time You Have

It is Christmas Eve, and I have a few reflections to share.  The holidays are a good time for reflecting.  If you haven't done so, find a few moments of quiet to think of your life, your choices, your family.

My thoughts this evening are about focusing in on what's important.  What is important?  In my world: love, family, friends, peace, clarity, communication, forgiveness.  What isn't important?  Bickering, anger, grudges, jealousy, hatred.  Tonight, let something go that's been bothering you.  Forgive yourself for something that never should have mattered, but made you feel guilty just the same.  Tell someone how you feel.

Most importantly, cherish those you have.  Parents, your children will not be young and sweet, at home with you forever.  Remember that.  Not in a heavy, dreadful, weighted way.  Just enough to keep you aware and awake in every moment of joy you share.  Children (and everyone is someone's child), remember your parents.  You won't have them forever.  This is, just as the previous thought, not meant to make you sad or depressed.  Perhaps your relationship with your parents hasn't been what it should be.  Fix it.  From now on. Don't dwell on the past, but be aware of it enough to change what has made you unhappy.

No one knows how much time they have, and everyone will leave something undone.  Maybe you never saw Paris or climbed Everest.  Maybe you didn't see your book published.  Maybe you never made a million dollars.  But maybe you never told your best friend how much she really meant to you.  Maybe you never told your father you loved him.  Maybe it's been too long since you hugged your children, or your grandchildren.

The point is, you have a choice with what you will leave undone.  Will it be the laundry, a few dishes, a few hours at the office not put in?  Or will it be the love you should have showed, the words you meant to say?  Let your regrets be few or none.  And if you have some now, fix them.  You have time!

Happy Holidays

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