February 8, 2010

Boy Almost Suspended Over Lego Gun

I came across this little gem of a story a few days ago: a 9 year-old boy narrowly avoided suspension after he and some friends brought some Lego toys to school and his Lego man had a gun.  Give me a break.

This is absolutely ridiculous!  The boys were even sharing the toys at an appropriate time: during lunch at the cafeteria table.  Apparently the threat of suspension was removed after a meeting with the boy's mother, which isn't all that surprising; I hope she gave that principal a piece of her mind.  The mother was even quoted as being confused why her child was targeted: another boy had a Lego man that was brandishing an axe.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: we cannot attach adult motivations and consequences to children's actions. It isn't fair.  All that should have been done in this case is that the boy should have been asked to put the toy away and not bring it back to school again.  The principal or another teacher could even have talked to the boys about why they feel bringing such toys to school is inappropriate; then this could have been a lesson is political correctness, awareness and sensitivity instead of an atrocious overreaction.

My compliments to the parent who was willing to stand up for her child.  I encourage all parents in a similar situation to follow suit.  You'd protect your kid from a young bully; don't hesitate to protect them from an adult bully either.

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