March 9, 2010

Are We More Careful Feeding our Dogs than our Kids?

In the last few weeks I've been seeing a shocking number of pricey meals for dogs (and sometimes cats): organic, all natural, refrigerated or prepackaged fares are filling the shelves.  'Balanced' and 'wholesome' are the buzz words of this growing trend.

I'm not talking about a rare treat, a little wet food mixed with the dry, or any other vet-recommended diet.  So, let me first say that I love animals and I think they should be well fed, with food that is good for them and keeps them happy and healthy.  Second, let me say, give me a break!

My first issue with these expensive pet meals is that good pet food is available for a lower price.  And the money you save can be put toward a cause such as fighting world hunger, or providing clean water in an area where it isn't available.  Or even donating pet food to a shelter, if animals are your passion.  It is the extravagance of these meals, the gross consumer-culture feeling, that bothers me.

My other issue is simply that most people don't get a balanced diet, let alone one that is organic and hormone-free as well.  Children miss out on vital nutrients every day because their parents can't afford quality fruits, vegetables, grains, meats and dairy products.  Our population is dealing with an obesity epidemic.

Our pets can do great on the diet of regular dog or cat food recommended by their vets.  So let's work on getting the people in our lives on the diet a doctor would recommend.

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