March 4, 2010

Child Directs Planes at JFK

We'd all like our kids to show an interest in what we do for a living, right?  After all, if you work outside the home, your job takes up a large portion of your time, energy and focus.  Whether your motivation is to show your child why you love or hate your job, how hard you work, or simply to make it clear how you spend your day, taking your child to work can be a great experience for all.

But letting your child do your job?  Maybe not such a good idea.

The BBC reports on this incident in New York, where a child was apparently allowed to direct planes at JFK airport, one of the busiest in the country.  I recommend listening to the dialog on the page.  I think this incident falls under the category of "cute but stupid" parenting.

So at this year's "Take Your Child to Work Day," don't immerse your child too much...or next year you might not have a job to bring them to.

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